Discount Lift Tickets

We take pride in finding ways to make Skiing/Riding affordable & accessible to our members.

This page was previously maintained by UBSC. The EPSC recently overhauled their website including the Discount Lift Ticket area. Going forward, we will reference EPSC’s website directly rather than re-posting the same information here. You’ll still have access to the same information, but our webmaster no longer needs to do twice the work.

Appreciation Days

Dates throughout the season, these are one of the best ways to save on lift tickets. Various mountains participate in the Appreciation Day program as a way of thanking clubs for bringing members to their mountains. See calendar below

Everyday Savings & Passes

Discounts offered throughout the ski season. You will also find group rates here. This is a great fallback if you make last minute plans or it doesn’t fall on a discount day.

Voucher Program

The EPSC purchases tickets in bulk and passes the savings along to you

Please extend every courtesy and a sincere thank you to the following ski areas and staff for their participation in the EPSC Appreciation Day Program